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We Are…

  • Harnessing our genetically engineered bacteria in an electrogenic bioreactor and harvesting the direct current, biogases like hydrogen, and water from their metabolism of organic molecules like those found in sewage, farm wastes, river water, plant pulps, etc.
  • Working in a fun and profitable Company that empowers the world to obtain low cost energy while complementing the environment. Our solution is harnessing our genetically engineered bacteria in a microbial fuel cell reactor and harvesting the direct current and hydrogen gas from their metabolism of organic molecules like those found in sewage, farm wastes, river water, plant pulps, etc.
  • A collaborative, fun, and safe team creatively delivering promised and timely results.
  • A Company that values and rewards extraordinary performance. We have high expectations for ethical conduct. As a Company, we respect humanity and embrace diversity. The enjoyment for working with this Company comes from the passion, chemistry, and acceptance of unique ideas by its leadership.

We use a proprietary clean technology to extract values stored in wastewater. This wastewater-to-value proposition provides industrial customers with substantial revenue-generating and cost-saving opportunities.

Pilus Energy is converging digester, fermenter, scrubber, and other proven technologies into a scalable electrogenic bioreactor (EBR) platform. The EBR harnesses bacterial robots (BactoBots™) that:

1) remediate wastewater

2) generate direct current (DC) electricity

3) produce economically important gases and chemicals.

Natural Process

The BactoBot™-powered EBR uses bacterial metabolism (cellular respiration) of molecules that are part of the pollution that is wastewater. Nearly four-hundred carbon and nitrogen compounds can serve as the feedstock to our piranha-like BactoBots™. They do not cause disease in plants or animals. The BactoBots actually remove many of the pathogens found in wastewater.

Compared to the legacy technologies of fermentation and digestion, in addition to the BactoBot being far more robust, it is eighteen times (18X) more efficient.

Our wastewater-to-value BactoBots™ do not pollute the environment. They resist heavy metals and swings of pH. They survive in a 4-to-45 degree Celsius temperature range. And they are anaerobically and aerobically active, even with low biochemical and chemical oxygen demand (BOD/COD). By using synthetic biology we kept the good characteristics, and eliminated the bad.

Lock and Keys

These BactoBots™ are protected from theft and cloning with a genetics rights management (GeRM™) system. If the consumable non-polluting molecular keys are not present in the wastewater or feedstock, the BactoBots™ self destruct starting with their DNA and RNA. As a result, the GeRM™ system also provides another level of security against accidental release into the environment by these harmless BactoBots.


While our energy supply is in turmoil, more than 1100 TeraWatt hours of energy is stored as waste molecules and transported as wastewater.

The lack of clean water is a crisis that only increases with population growth and development.

Ecosystems and public health are at risk. At risk from mining and drilling – at risk from pollutants, poisons, and pathogens – and we are at risk of resulting economic loss, conflicts, and higher production costs.

Pilus Energy’s interdisciplinary team has a sense of urgency to provide a profitable wastewater-to-value solution. By extracting energy from molecular compounds in waste water, adopters of our technology will generate revenues while reducing risks.

Whether your wastes are by-products of manufacturing, food processing, sanitation, or recalled products, it is likely we can help you extract value from the values stored in those wastes.

Some value-added opportunities include carbon and renewable energy credits (RECs), remediation and odor control, energy production, biogas production, and reduction of pathogens. If you are seeking to reduce your carbon footprint while maximizing your economic gain, talk to us. We can likely scale a solution for you….

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